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Most of us would like to live better, more satisfying, and more joyful lives. Unsurprisingly, here on One Big Happy Life, we are often asked to discuss insights about the best way best to live a joyful life. Or, asked another manner, whether our loved ones are genuinely as joyful as we look. Well, allow me to assure you that our loved ones are really this joyful! It’s something which people work at daily.

Developing a joyful life does not occur by accident. Wherever you are right now, you can, with an aim, create daily changes that include joy and pleasure to your life.

I spent a lot of my 20s fighting with life. To begin with, as one teen mother and later as a fish out of the water as I attempted to work out how to browse an Ivy law college and white-shoe law firms because a woman who grew up from inner-city Brooklyn, NY. You will find many happy times afterwards, do not get me wrong. But a whole lot of it felt extremely hard at the moment. Despite this, I felt unhappy about my life in general since I understood I was working towards changing things for the better, even though those changes occurred very gradually.

Fast forward to my 30s and my entire life is quite different today. I have a wonderful family I look forward to coming home to each night, a job that’s meaningful and provides equilibrium, and also a burgeoning little company which excites me. though I still have my doubts and struggles, on the whole, I’m proud to state I live a joyful life and it did not occur by accident.


I have always had a small stubborn streak that caused me to wonder essentially what. Obviously, this can be a horrible trait to have when you’ve got parents who favour a more authoritarian parenting style. But however much trouble my inquisitive and suspicious temperament got me, I did not change. I simply got (a bit ) better at concealing it.

While my parent were not lovers of the inquisitiveness, it ends up it is sometimes a terrific character trait to have when it comes to making a joyful life.

It can be quite easy to drop into life tracks or patterns since we’re told that is how life ought to be that there’s just 1 way to have a thriving life. There is a range of reasons why those ways of thinking are so prevalent. One is anxiety. If you adhere to the secure course then you could be fairly sure you will have at least a fantastic life. And a fantastic life is far better than a poor life, right?

Another reason we are not invited to discover our own definition of happiness is the fact that it simply has not been that long because the world shifted and regular individuals could, in theory, go out and become everything they desired to. Only a generation ago an individual can expect to work for a single firm for a long time before retiring comfortably using a candy pension. That is simply not the world we live in anymore but it’s carrying our social criteria a little to grab.


Nowadays if we do not like something about our own lives we could change it. We can begin a new career, move to another town, pursue our passions as side hustles or tiny companies. However, so as to take that first step, We Must be willing to consider that we can make a change in our own lives and ask ourselves the difficult questions:

  • What do I need from my life?
  • What’s working in my own life?
  • What is not working and what can I do to repair it?
  • What do I want to do to reach where I wish to go?

Each one the important, life-altering decisions I have created in my entire life have begun with these queries. Life has a method of settling into a comfortable pattern. That is great if you’re exactly where you wish to be. However, the majority of us do not end up precisely where we would like to be without creating some sort of concerted effort to get there. And of course, our intentions change over time as we proceed through life.

The very best way to keep ahead of this mid-life crisis would be to always check in with yourself to ensure that we can track correctly sooner instead of later. This way you’ll be able to ensure every day you’re taking actions that consciously bring us nearer to living our perfect lives. It might be something as little as taking 30 minutes to exercise or something as big as searching for a job in a new town. However, before we can do it, we will need to have the ability to determine which goal we’re working towards.

Start with THE END IN MIND.

I return to the moment Habit of Highly Effective People over and over since it is a great one and can be often overlooked. Life gets busy. It is difficult to match in exercise and sleepless time to plan to your life which you would like to call home. However, as Steven Covey describes in his publication, if you do not start with the end in your mind then you wind up wasting time on matters which don’t add significance or value for your own life and do not bring you any closer to living a life which makes you happy.

When you understand what your ideal life looks as you can then begin doing a lot of the things which bring you closer to your targets and not as of things which don’t.



Reaching big targets can have quite a while. It took me two years to go from having an enlisted Marine using a high school diploma earning $17,000 a year to becoming a lawyer and making a six-figure wages. It takes us 15-20 decades of being in the work force to attain financial independence.

And occasionally you may need to await a little while before you can even begin making actual progress on your objectives. It’ll be at least two years prior to Joseph and that I will think about moving into a lower cost of living space since we’re waiting for Alexis to graduate from high school. It’ll be at least another year and a half before we could start taking affirmative actions to move just like looking for new tasks in a new town.

It is quite easy to fall into the trap of being so focused on your end targets which you forget that life is what occurs in the spaces between your objectives. That’s why it’s so imperative that you do anything you can to fill your life with little pieces of pleasure every day as you work towards creating bigger overall alterations.

What are the everyday things which bring your own life pleasure and significance? Are there any matters that you wish you’re doing but are not? Concentrate on incorporating those mini-happiness resources on your own life since you work towards creating larger changes.

Additionally, this is an excellent method to take care of the day to day frustrations that can come from items which are actively producing your life miserable but that will take a while to modify. Back in December 2016, I had been at a job that I hated, which had me in tears each Sunday night. I did three things to help me deal while I hunted for a new occupation:

  1. I delivered myself a daily email to my work address with a single term: invest again.
  2. I discovered how to sew and made our household organized Halloween costumes.
  3. I began using the One Big Happy Life YouTube station that later resulted in the development of this website.


It took a very long time for me to post about One Big Happy Life within my Facebook page. I adored it. I had been proud of it. It made me happy. However, I stressed what my law school classmates that had been out there doing big things making big dollars at large firms would believe. Possessing a flourishing, if little, YouTube station is absolutely not a normal mark of success.

This was another kind of the very same feelings which cause us to wish to stay informed about the Joneses (or even the Frugal-Joneses). And it’s a surefire approach to making certain you won’t live a joyful life. Deriving pleasure compared to other people is fleeting at best. There’ll always be somebody else to compare yourself to or to keep up with.

There are tons of problems with the use of other people’s lives as a dimension of your success, however, the largest is that you may wind up living a life which you don’t really really want. What use is having a large house in the perfect area and a fancy car if you’re really a homesteader in your mind?

We only get one life. So forget about what other men and women do and simply pay attention to your own life and your route to joy. At the conclusion of the day and in the conclusion of your lifetime, that’s all that will matter.



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